Excerpt from article published by U.S. Builders Review

Just outside of Springfield in the growing suburb of Republic, Missouri, Rankin Development has started a new project for ROi, a leader in health care supply chain management owned by Mercy based in St. Louis. “ROi has an existing 100,000-square-foot facility near our North Creek development but they need more space to accommodate the hospitals they serve,” explains Tom. “Logistically this is a great location for them to serve the western and southern parts of Missouri, as well as southern and northwest Arkansas and southeast Oklahoma.”

Groundbreaking for new ROi manufacturing facility in Republic, Missouri on Aug 17, 2016.

Groundbreaking for new ROi manufacturing facility in Republic, Missouri on Aug 17, 2016.

ROi officially broke ground on the new 100,000-square-foot custom surgical pack manufacturing facility in August 2016. More than 90 ROi coworkers, including seven new positions, will work from the $10 million facility, scheduled to open in fall 2017, assembling and distributing custom surgical procedure packs for Mercy and other health care systems across the U.S. The packs produced by ROi’s Custom Pack Solutions (CPS) division contain the medical supplies needed to perform a range of surgical procedures.

“This concrete tilt-up facility has 32-foot high clear ceilings and a clean room,” notes Tom. The new facility will provide more capacity to accommodate for continued growth in ROi’s custom pack business. 

In the last five years, ROi’s CPS program has grown more than 400 percent in volume, and more than 90 million total components have been placed in ROi packs to date. Today, the operation manages more than 670 different pack designs and averages more than 520,000 packs produced annually. The new facility will be able to produce up to 1.5 million packs each year.

Rankin has enjoyed partnering with such a fast-growing company and ROi truly appreciates Rankin’s ability to meet unique site development needs. “Tom Rankin is very professional and has met ROi’s needs in the development of our facility,” says Rick Parrish, director of manufacturing, ROi Custom Pack Solutions. “He has provided us with best practice recommendations in our building design and valuable suggestions in developmental growth in the placement of our facility. His approach and ability to be available to our needs has been a great benefit. He has been a pleasure to work with.”